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ViSalus National Event (Raw And UNCUT)

All I can say is WOW!!! What an AMAZING experience we had the privilege of sharing with several core leaders within the IIU Community this past weekend.

To describe the Visalus National Success Training in Kansasy City as "EYE-OPENING" would be a complete understatement.

The Internet Income University Core Leadership Team Goes "ALL IN" And Commits To Pay-It-Forward!

The Internet Income University Core Leadership Team Goes "ALL IN" And Commits To Pay-It-Forward!

While I will give you my best recap, it is best to recognize no amount of photos, videos, or inspired words will ever be able to do justice to the feelings, connections, and lifelong friendships that were solidified in such a short period of time.

To provide you with a narrow glimpse of this absolutely TRANSFORMATIONAL experience, I've narrowed down the event into FIVE MAJOR BREAKTHROUGHS:

ViSalus National Event Breakthrough #1: It's Time To Go "ALL IN".

One of the first things that really hit home during the event came early on at a special training Darin and I attended held EXCLUSIVELY for NATIONAL DIRECTORS and above ($40k or more in sales in a single month). When ViSalus CEO and Co-Founder Ryan Blair took the stage, one of the first points that Ryan hammered home was the idea of going "ALL IN" as an entrepreneur.

Ryan made it very clear that the ViSalus executive team is indeed, "ALL IN" and exemplified his "NOTHING TO LOSE" mindset by sharing some insight into his personal life and WHY he is one of the first people on the PLANET to ever move from Hollywood to Michigan in the MIDDLE OF WINTER. At a time when the ViSalus executive team could be sipping Mai Tai's on a private island with their toes in the sand, they are charging forward FASTER THAN EVER and are more dedicated to the ViSalus community than they have ever been.

Mayor Declares "ViSalus Day" In KC- With Expected Revenue Of $5M!!

Mayor Declares "ViSalus Day" In KC- With Expected Revenue Of $5M To Stimulate the KC Economy In A Single Weekend!!

When you are looking to build a full time income from home- this is WITHOUT A DOUBT the kind of leadership you want to be aligned with. You want to be aligned with a company that is experiencing tremendous growth. You also want to be aligned with a company that has staying power and will provide stability for you and your family. You also want to be an an industry with UNLIMITED DEMAND. Lastly, you want to be aligned with a company that has strong ethics, morals, and a true PAY-IT-FORWARD mentality. ViSalus is ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Here's some perspective: Last year ALONE, ViSalus grew 700% from $34 Million to $231 Million.

ViSalus is JUST NOW reaching the momentum phase in their growth and is backed by the same executives that have taken some of the most popular names in the direct sales industry to MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR international enterprises. After being bought out by Robert Goergen and Blyth Inc. for a handsome sum, ViSalus Co-Founders Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen, and Nick Sarnicola went "ALL IN" by purchasing a MAJORITY stake in the venture capital firm Blythe Inc., the same firm which backs the company. In other words, the founders are
"IN IT TO WIN IT" for the long run.

ViSalus National Event Breakthrough #2: BIG Checks And BMW's Are In!

One of the greatest downfalls and objections that arises with respect to the direct sales industry is the idea that there are A FEW PEOPLE AT THE TOP making all of the money. Aside from the knuckleheads that think everything is a "PYRAMID SCHEME", true network marketers are savvier than they have ever been and look for the RIGHT OPPORTUNITY, RIGHT PEOPLE, and RIGHT COMPENSATION plan to partner with. The reality is, for many older companies this is true. Binary compensation plans favor the company and an elite few.

NOT ANYMORE. Old school business models are dying. Newer, more progressive models are the way of the future and have shifted the MAJORITY of the earnings and compensation to the average individual who TAKES ACTION instead of making excuses.

Every 45 Minutes Someone Qualifies For a FREE BMW w/ ViSalus!

Every 45 Minutes Someone Qualifies For a FREE BMW w/ ViSalus!

ViSalus made a GIANT STATEMENT in this regard when they first released their INDUSTRY CHANGING "BIMMER CLUB" nearly 6 years ago and positioned the incentive near the bottom of the compensation plan instead of at the top. Reason being, when you're making $50,000 per month, you can buy any car you want. Why do you need a FREE BMW? You don't. That's exactly why the ViSalus BIMMER CLUB is favorably positioned to award those that hit the rank of "REGIONAL DIRECTOR" (the 2nd rank within the company) with a nice BONUS. In other words, individuals that are earning in the range of $2,000 to $3,000 per month get a nice, $600/mos BONUS for purchasing or leasing a qualified BMW. Pretty sweet.

What's even sweeter is that someone new qualifies for the ViSalus BIMMER CLUB EVERY 45 MINUTES! As you can see in the photo above, the city of Kansas City graciously SHUT DOWN TWO BLOCKS of the downtown city streets in front of the convention center to make room for all of the ViSalus BMWs!!!

Once popularized by Ed McMahon and Publishers Clearing House in the 80's (what a joke that was), ViSalus has taken BIG CHECKS to an entirely new level with a generous compensation plan and BONUS structure...

More Than $9M in BONUSES For The 1st Quarter Alone...

More Than $9M in BONUSES For The 1st Quarter Alone...

Shown in the photo above are some of the bonus checks awarded in Kansas City to promoters for achievement's in the past 3 months alone (more than 9 Million - paid over 12 months)..

After you watch this video on the ViSalus Compensation Plan you will understand why so many people are achieving financial freedom with ViSalus and how you can do the same.

ViSalus National Event Breakthrough #3: The REAL Champions.

One of the things that EXCITES Darin and I the most as the Co-Founders of Internet Income University are the incredible results our community members are experiencing from the ViSalus product line and Body-By-Vi Challenge.

Every 90 Days New "Body By Vi" Champions Are Crowned!

Every 90 Days New "Body By Vi" Champions Are Crowned!

Jeff Powell, who drove 10+ hours to meet us in Kansas City has already lost 25LBS and is on a mission to lose 100LBS so he can spend more time enjoying life with his two sons.

Tony and Trina Crye, Ray Brock, and countless others have also dropped excess weight and are feeling more energetic, healthier, and more empowered than ever.

However, ViSalus is not limited to weight loss. The vision is FAR BIGGER than that. It's about CHALLENGING yourself for 90 DAYS to do something you've never done before. It's about living life to the fullest and creating experiences, friendships, and memories you will never forget. Darin and I just finished our first 90 day challenge by putting on several pounds of lean muscle and participating in a three mile "MUD RUN" that was messy, hilarious, and an all around good time.

The ViSalus culture and community are an EMPOWERING FORCE for personal change. If you're serious about improving your health AND/OR generating additional income, be sure to fill out this quick survey to speak with one of the IIU Co-Founders and discover how we can help you achieve your goals.

ViSalus National Event Breakthrough #4: We Get PAID To Party!

Born from every great recession and economy adversity our country (and world economy) have ever overcome, is a new generation of leadership.

With stagnant ideas, come stagnant results. With outdated models and un-inspiring leadership, we are destined to decline. The good news is, WE CAN COLLECTIVELY DECIDE to change at any given moment. We can COLLECTIVELY DECIDE that it's time for new leadership, new ideas, and a NEW ECONOMY.

The co-founders of ViSalus offer a new way of thinking;
however, it's not just about being different.


Thousands Showed Up For The ViSalus Themed Green Party!

Thousands Showed Up For The ViSalus Themed Green Party!

In these adverse times, one of the things people desire the most is a sense of family. With family comes community, and a place FREE OF JUDGEMENT where everyone gets along and has a GREAT TIME. You see, it's not the fact that THOUSANDS of PEOPLE showed up for the ViSalus themed "GREEN PARTY" that's impressive. It's the overwhelming openness, WARMTH and LOVE that EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the room felt that impress me the most.

What's More Attractive? Sitting In A Cubicle Or Getting Paid To Party?

What's More Attractive? Sitting In A Cubicle Or Getting Paid To Party?

With Carlton (from the popular TV Show "Fresh Prince") leading the crowd to a new dance, Roy Jones JR. releasing a new "Body By Vi" hit single, and Hulk Hogan getting everyone FIRED UP about the new ViSalus "FIT KIT", the energy and excitement in the room was UNBELIEVABLE, and truly cannot be expressed in words.

In TODAY'S NEW ECONOMY, we are not confined to stuffy boardroom meetings and the typical 9-5 DEATH CYCLE of the middle class. We have an unparalleled opportunity to

ViSalus National Event Breakthrough #5: The HEAT Is On In Miami!!!

On July 13th, 14th, and 15th, this summer (less than 4 months away) "THE HEAT IS ON" in Miami for what is going to be the BIGGEST event in ViSalus history, "Vitality"!

With an expected 20,000+ people in attendance, it will be the first ever ViSalus event held inside of an ARENA, at the popular AMERICAN AIRLINES ARENA in Miami, Florida.

July 13th, 14th, & 15th "The Heat Is On" In Miami For ViSalus VITALITY!

July 13th, 14th, & 15th "The Heat Is On" In Miami For ViSalus VITALITY!

At this record-SHATTERING event, you will have the opportunity to lock arms and
spend quality time with IIU Co-Founders Kevin & Darin Blue, many members of
the IIU Core Leadership Team, and countless individuals who have
transformed their lives both PHYSICALLY AND FINANCIALLY.

If you're ready to GET FIT, MAKE MONEY, and HELP OTHERS do the same then
fill out this quick survey to speak with an IIU Co-Founder and let's

We look forward to speaking with you soon!


Kevin And Darin Blue

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