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Residual Income Opportunity Keys to Success

online-residual-income-opportunityYou’re about to discover 3 closely guarded secrets to achieving maximum results with an online residual income opportunity, but wait…

First, it’s important to recognize that your long-term success will depend on the brand you build around YOU as a person.

Opportunities will come and go, so it’s your personality, uniqueness and the relationships that you build with your prospects that will ultimately determine your level of success.

With that being said, there are a million options out there – however, you can narrow the field down pretty quickly when you focus on the 3 keys you should look for in selecting an online residual income opportunity:

Key #1: An irresistible offer:

A lot of marketing systems these days sell an “Application Kit” on the front-end to sort the serious prospects from those that are just curious.

This is a good idea, but the problem is most people are highly skeptical and aren’t willing to fork over $49 or whatever the price may be for something with no real value.

Promote a product/service that over delivers on the front-end and you’ll make a lot more money in the long run - $1 trial offers or “Free CD” offers tend to be the highest converting because they don’t require a large commitment from your potential customers.

Key #2: Multiple price points with upsells:

In this economy especially, its important to select an online residual income opportunity that has multiple price points.

The ideal business will have 3-5 price points, allowing you to sponsor reps into your business regardless of how much capital they bring to the table.

The more upselling the better. Some of your customers will always be willing to pay more for premium products/services or advantageous positioning in a payplan, so be sure you promote an opportunity that allows you to cash in on the high end market.

Key #3: A duplicatable system:

Without duplication, residual income is like the fish that got away. Old-fashioned MLMs are a bit outdated, and you have to enroll half the planet to earn a sizeable income. The good news is, there are a lot of great business opportunities that combine a perfect mix of big commissions upfront along with a generous residual income program built into the payplan.

Most importantly, find a marketing system that will enable you and your business partners to hit the ground running.

Nobody wants to re-invent the wheel from scratch, so turnkey marketing tools and training are major assets and really promote duplication.

Select an online residual income opportunity with these 3 keys in mind and you’ll be well positioned to create the massive passive income you desire…

But don’t forget, the long-term success of your business is ultimately about you, so build your brand first and promote your opportunity 2nd!

  • Sean Durrant

    Hey Kevin

    These are 3 excellent key ingredients for any business.

    I can really only agree with everything you've said and would underline the first paragraph.

    Online business is about what you have to offer as an individual and how you can help people achieve their goals.

    I think you have said before the internet has levelled the playing field.

  • Kevin Blue

    Thanks for the feedback Sean, I'm glad you agree!

    I'm sure you'll find success in whatever you choose to pursue, you've got a great outlook!

    Let me know if you have any questions about internet marketing and we'll be happy to address them in upcoming posts...

  • Eddie Richardson

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  • Internet Income

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  • Mitchel Labbe

    Thanks for the info, great post my friend!

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