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Internet Marketing Mindset, Do You Have What It Takes?

internet-marketing-mindsetDo you have what it takes to achieve massive success online?

Here’s a quick litmus test that will help you determine if you’re destined for failure or unlimited prosperity and abundance.

Our goal is obviously to help you avoid becoming another statistic
and achieve the latter of the two. :)

Internet Marketing Mindset, Element #1: EXPECTATIONS

The first critical element in positioning yourself for unlimited success is to align your vision with REALISTIC expectations.

In short, don’t expect to become a millionaire overnight- it’s just not going to happen.

Most people set themselves up for failure by setting goals that are completely un-grounded and unrealistic- to eventually wallow in their self-fulfilling disappointment.

Your first goal should be to generate $1,000 per month, not $50,000 per month.


Have a timeframe for your monthly income goal, but don’t FREAK OUT and scream “scam” from the rooftops if you don’t hit your mark.

Even if it takes you six months to automate $1,000 in PASSIVE monthly income, was it worth it? The answer is clearly a resounding YES!!!

Don’t FREAK OUT if it takes you longer to become successful than you originally planned.

MORE OFTEN THAN not, your goals will take longer to achieve than you originally intend, I can almost guarantee you.

This is STILL the case with almost every new goal we set in our business to this day.

Internet Marketing Mindset, Element #2: SELF-LIMITING BELIEFS


This is not just about internet marketing; this applies to every aspect of your life.

Stop killing your own success.

Understand that your words are your reality.

I’ve coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, and I can tell you that if you don’t increase your awareness, and stop shooting yourself in the foot with self-limiting beliefs, you don’t stand a chance.

Unlimited Success

Every time I hear someone say, “I’m not good with computers” or “I suck at this technical stuff” it makes me sick to my stomach.

This is really just a bullsh** excuse for staying trapped in your own mediocrity.

Whether you THINK YOU CAN, or THINK YOU CAN’T, you’re right.

It may sound cliché, but there is no better way to put it- it’s that simple.

Internet Marketing Mindset, Element #3: WHATEVER IT TAKES MENTALITY

Adopt a “whatever it takes” mentality, and success becomes inevitable.

Understand that things WILL get in your way.

You’ll upload your first video to YouTube and it will be in wrong format- expect it.
You’ll make a big sale and then the person will refund- expect it.
You’ll start generating a ton of leads and then Adwords will slap you- expect it.

Sh** happens.

It is part of being an entrepreneur.

You must be flexible and continually re-invent yourself.

Only the strongest survive in free enterprise.

It’s much easier to be an employee- clock in, clock out, and collect a paycheck regardless of your contributions and what is happening in the marketplace. Hence the reason most people are employees and not entrepreneurs.

EXPECT obstacles to continually surface and shroud your goals- make the commitment to yourself that you are going to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to overcome them.

A true entrepreneur welcomes challenges.

Don’t let yourself get emotionally attached, approach your business with a RELAXED intensity and have fun in the process.

Challenges only make success sweeter;
embrace them and FAIL FORWARD FAST.

The Blueprint To Unlimited Prosperity And Abundance…

Internet marketing can provide you with everything you want in life.

We are extremely fortunate to be living in a time when the average person can start a successful online business with very little capital and generate UNLIMITED INCOME.

Take advantage of the opportunity before you.

You DESERVE TO HAVE IT ALL- don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! :)

  • Ronald Bish

    Thanks Kevin for the words of wisdom. I am still working towards success. I am no where near ready to quite. Quitters never win , and winners never quite. Thanks Again!!

  • http://none Andrea Whitfield

    Good word! Thanks!

  • Nicholas Rago

    Thank you for putting me in the right mindset..i wont forget it...

  • Kevin Blue

    Absolutely, you're welcome Nicholas! We look forward to seeing your growth as an internet marketer and as an entrepreneur!

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