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How To Earn a Million Dollars Online

Vegas! Bright lights and wild nights.
How to Earn A Million Dollars Online

Amidst the hustle and flow of an epic Vegas adventure, Darin and I have returned- refreshed, inspired, and equipped with tens of millions of dollars worth of experiential knowledge. Literally.

After 3 days of networking with a who's who lineup of the most successful Internet Marketer's in the world, I've condensed the SCIENCE of how to earn a million dollars online into a painstakingly simple blueprint for YOU to LIVE BY...

1) Exercise: Yes, exercise DAILY for a minimum of 20 minutes. Your mental being is a direct reflection of your physical being. Becoming an ultra successful entrepreneur is NOT easy, and you will get your a** handed to you if you are not tough as nails, BOTH mentally AND physically. Commit to your health and expect a BETTER self.

2) Make IPA's #1: while it's true that the acronym IPA is commonly used to reference hoppy, bold-flavored beers- as it pertains to your online business, an IPA is an INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITY. In other words, any action that when performed PRODUCES MONEY (revenue in your business) Focus 80% of your time on IPA's and less time on the infinite list of seemingly "important" tasks that don't directly increase your bottom line. DON'T even think about checking your email or wasting time on the small stuff until you've already INVESTED at least the FIRST HALF OF EVERY SINGLE DAY on your top list of IPAs.

3) Channel Your Brilliance: NOBODY can be an expert at everything, it's IMPOSSIBLE. Unless you wear a blue cape and have an S tattooed on your chest your plan should be simple and crystal clear. Focus on a single lead generation strategy to start out and MASTER it. There will always be a new shiny object to chase after. The grass will always appear greener on the other side. Don't be fooled. He (or she) who chases two rabbits catches none.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Be honest with yourself. Are you INVESTING in your HEALTH with regular exercise? Are you focusing on INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES? And lastly, do you have a crystal clear, focused GAME PLAN?

If your answer to any of the above questions is "NO", that's 100% OK. What's NOT OK is deceiving yourself into believing you're on the right path when you're ignoring any one of these absolutely critical elements of success.

These were three of the most prominent concepts, echoed over and over by a star-studded lineup of million dollar income earners.

Inject these philosophies into your business, and your RESULTS will catapult!

  • Sharon

    I loved what you reported back to us and I will really work on My IPA. I have to figure out what mine is first.
    Fun & Laughter

  • Lebo Thanyane

    Kevin, that is the most profound advice i have ever received.

  • Thomas Fernandez

    I guess since I haven't been making any money, I believe I haven't been focusing on my IPA's. Need to go to focus on this. Thanks

  • Mayokun A

    Wow... Beautiful write up. This is a winner anyday. It time to do get things done. Thanks.

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