Supercharge Your Logo Design Contest – 3 Quick Tips

You’re about to discover 3 quick tips to supercharge your logo design contest for maximum results…

Just a couple days ago, our team at decided to have a new logo created for our website and marketing materials.

(We hope you like the results!)

Close to a year ago, we heard about a really cool website called where you can create a “logo design contest” and receive ideas and designs from a BUNCH of the top graphic designers in the world for the same price that it would cost to hire one designer. Pretty cool, huh?

Long story short--- we got some awesome results from our contest, but also learned some great things in the process that you can use to supercharge your own logo design contest:

  1. Guarantee Your Award:
  2. As it’s currently setup, when you create a contest at, you are not obligated to purchase any of the designs created as a result of your contest. As you can imagine, this is a very risky proposition for designers, because they have no assurance that you aren’t going to just back out of the deal after they’ve spent countless hours molding and perfecting your logo ideas.

    The best designers are much more likely to participate in your contest if your contest reward is guaranteed—period. Don’t be afraid to take the risk, you’ll get some great results…

  3. Write A Killer Headline:
  4. Just like any other marketing piece, you need to sell your project to designers. Designers are very creative people—obviously, so don’t make a boring title for your design contest. Name it something catchy, funny, or intriguing that they can’t help but click on. (Don’t use the same boring title everyone else uses: “Logo for small startup company” ---can you say lame?)

  5. Provide Lots Of Feedback:
  6. Most people that create logo design contests make the fatal mistake of setting the contest up and then forgetting about it for 7 days.

    It’s incredibly important that you remain pro-active throughout your contest to give the designers feedback and help them perfect your ideas.

    Nobody knows what you are looking for better than you do, so help your designers out by giving them a window into your mind.

    Provide comments and use the “5-Star” rating system that is built into the interface.

That’s it my friend, follow these 3 quick tips to supercharge your logo design contest and you’ll get some amazing results!

P.S. Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know how you
feel about the new “Internet Income University” website and logo…

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  • Salden

    Thanks for the TIPs, as a participated and newbees in 99designs i have participated more than 12 contest but its hard to me win.. many designers are very very good, the concept, harmony and everything..
    But sometimes i feel lost if i always bit a loser..hehehe but its ok because i learned everything and get hired...

  • Jason Aiken

    Great Tips Kevin...thanks.

    Jason Aiken

  • admin

    Your welcome! Another good one we just discovered is to invite your favorite designers! Don't be reactive about your contest, go out and target designers that you think would make a great match for your concept and ask them to participate... logo design contests are the only way to go!

  • Sherly Gralak

    It is difficult to talk about whether this really is very good, however only time will tell, as with most superb design.

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