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From Zero To 69,913 Free Visitors In Less Than 12 Short Months...

"Keyword Mastery: The Secret To Unlimited Traffic"

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Keyword Research: From Zero To 69,913 Free Visitors

Like always, it's best that you watch the video above for maximum understanding, but if you prefer to read or like learning in multiple modalities, here are the Cliff's Notes...

Here’s What We’re Going To Cover….

What is keyword research?

How to shortcut your way to PROFITS with LONG TAIL keywords.

How to avoid the keyword “RAT RACE” and why you’re just spinning your wheels if you don’t master this skill.

Our secret weapon for taking massive lists of keywords and sifting out the rocks, dirt, and sand until nothing is left but golden nugget keywords.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of identifying popular phrases people are searching for in your industry.

Once you have identified a popular phrase people are searching for, your goal is to get your PPC ads, articles, videos, and blog posts to show up in the search results for that particular phrase.

Showing up on the first page of Google for a popular keyword phrase equals tons of free traffic and pure profit for your business.

Why It’s The Most Undervalued Skill In Internet Marketing….

Keyword research will DIRECTLY impact the results of almost EVERYTHING you do online…

Article Marketing
Video Marketing
Blogging / SEO
And much more…

The Keyword Rat Race…

Creating Content (articles, videos, blog posts) without doing your keyword research FIRST is complete SUICIDE…

You’ll literally be spinning your wheels, and will end up with nothing more than an EXPENSIVE HOBBY.

Shortcut Your Way To Profits With Long Tail Keywords…

What is a long-tail keyword?

Longer, more specific phrase

Easier to show up at top of Google results

Usually 3-5 words in a single phrase

Short-Tail: Internet Business BAD
Long-Tail: Internet Business Mastery GOOD
Longer-Tail: Internet Business Mastery Academy BETTER!
Longest-Tail: Internet Business Mastery Academy Review BEST!

Am I Limited To Creating Reviews Of Other Companies and Biz Opps?

No, absolutely not…

Here’s another example of a short-tail keyword that we can mine for gold (long-tail keywords)

Short-Tail: Work From Home BAD
Long-Tail: Work From Home Ideas BETTER!
Longer-Tail: Work From Home Ideas For Women BEST!

How To Mine Long-Tail Keyword Gold…

Start with any “Short-Tail” keyword phrase and use the Google keyword research tool to generate a bunch of “Long-Tail” keyword variations…

Then, take your LONG LIST of long-tail keywords and sift through the rocks, gravel, and sand using our secret weapon until you’re left with nothing but “golden nugget keywords”. (more on this in a minute)

Google Free Keyword Tool & Google Search… (just Google the phrase “Google Keyword Tool” to find it)

Regular old “Google Search” - auto-fill suggestions are a great source of long-tail keywords

Google is actually telling us what people are ACTIVELY searching for….

Google Search Reveals More Ideas…

Just start typing into the search box and you’ll get BOMBARDED with ideas…

Once you get an idea, take that new keyword and start typing IT in the search box to get even MORE specific.

How Do You Know When You’ve Found A Golden Nugget Keyword?

Golden Nugget Keyword = High Traffic, Low Competition

I’m going to show you an “almost magical” technique for finding these in a minute…

Keep in mind, due to imperfect data, it’s not an exact science- BUT, it is a science…

The Secret Weapon – Market Samurai

Use the IIU link for 35% OFF and a FREE 12 day trial.

Keyword Research – From Start To Money

Steps To Success:
1) Idea Generation
2) Generate Long-Tail List
3) Find “Golden Nugget” Keywords w/ Market Samurai
4) Create Content!

The Golden Nugget Keyword Test…

Market Samurai configuration settings:

Phrase to Broad – Min 25
SEO Traffic – Min 1
Title Competition – Max 5,000
*** Match Type: EXACT
****Period: MONTHLY
Trends Graph Must Look Good

A Quick Recap Of The Million Dollar Skill…

Keyword research affects the success of every piece of content you will ever create online.

Don’t get stuck in the “RAT RACE” of internet marketing by foolishly thinking you can “just create content”

It’s all about “long-tail keywords” – go for the low-hanging fruit until you get good.

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Save thousands of hours sifting through long keyword lists to find golden nugget keywords. (12 day free trial and 35% discount.)

Put these simple ideas into action and watch the traffic, leads, and profits roll in.

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