Generate High-Quality Leads Online"

Banner Ad Secrets

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"The FASTEST and EASIEST Way To Generate High-Quality Leads Online!"

Like always, it's best that you watch the video above for maximum understanding, but if you prefer to read or like learning in multiple modalities, here are the Cliff's Notes...

Here’s What We’re Going To Cover…

  • The FASTEST and EASIEST way to generate high-quality leads online.
  • **5 Secrets For Maximum Traffic** with banner ads.
  • Placing banners for profits- simple techniques that get RESULTS.
  • A quick guided tour of the brand new, “My Banners” page at IIU.

The FAST And EASY Way To Generate Leads…

Banner advertising has been around forever, but you hardly ever hear people talking about it.

Think of banner advertising as your way to tap into the thousands of dollars and countless hours invested by established websites.

Instead of spending months or even years getting to the top of some highly competitive keyword phrases, you can get INSTANT traffic by tapping into already established websites.

High-quality, SEO type leads convert well!

Banner Ad Secret #1: WOW Factor! (eye-catching graphics)

One of the first and most obvious secrets to success with banners is the “WOW Factor!”

Eye-catching, professional graphics will almost always out-perform dull, run-of-the mill design.

DISCLAIMER: This doesn’t mean there has to be cash floating from the sky or gangster jewelry laid out on a table*

Banner Ad Secret #2: K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid)

Keep it simple stupid!

A lot of rookie banner advertisers will try to fit their entire sales letter along with their life story all on a tiny little banner.

Less is more and someone should be able to “GET IT” within 2 seconds or less.

Don’t make people de-scramble your hidden message.

Banner Ad Secret #3: Animation wins.

More often than not, banners ads with moving images and animation will out-perform static graphics.

Movement naturally draws the eye in, just don’t overdo it.

It’s not going to do you much good to get attention if they’re annoyed by your banner.

Banner Ad Secret #4: Sell the next step

Along with any other form of paid media, your first and PRIMARY objective with banner ads is to generate LEADS.

Effective banner ads will ECHO the message from the capture page.

Let the sales funnel do the selling.

Banner Ad Secret #5: Strong call to action!


You might as well scrap everything we’ve just covered if you don’t have a strong call to action!

Tell people what to do next. In the world of banner ads, “CLICK HERE!” is perfectly OK and highly effective.

Placing Banners For PROFITS! (quick tips)

When there’s an option, it’s best to pay “per impression” or on what’s called a “CPM” basis.

Aim for $10.00 CPM or less to get started.

If a site ONLY offers monthly advertising slots, speak to a sales rep and try to get an idea how many impressions you can expect to receive.

CPM = (Ad cost) / (Number Of Impressions / 1,000)

ALWAYS ask for a “new advertiser” discount to run a test and see how it goes- I’ve been able to get as much as 50% off.

Does size matter? (drumroll…)

As a general rule, the best performing banner sizes are:

300x250 Featured Ad
720x90 Leaderboard
125x125 (high-traffic sites)

Different sizes will perform differently on different websites and you never know until you test it.

Start small and scale what works!

The SWEET Spot

The key is to find the “Sweet Spot” which is usually a site that receives a lot of traffic, but is somewhat under the radar.

You can also find a sweet spot within the various placements on a specific website. Try placing multiple banner sizes on the same site and see which location performs the best.

Keep the winners, cut the losers!

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A Quick Recap…

Banners ads are hands-down the FASTEST and EASIEST way to generate high-quality leads online.

With zero prior experience, anyone can search for high-traffic websites,
place a banner ad, and start seeing leads roll in immediately.

Banners provide a phenomenal opportunity to leverage the thousands of dollars and countless hours
other people have invested into top ranked websites without doing ANY of the work.

Start small and scale what works for MAXIMUM profits!

Yours in Friendship and Success,

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