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Brick And Mortar Business Is Dead… (And The Internet Killed It)

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Let Me Explain…

We are currently facing one of the greatest recessions in US history.

Brick and mortar businesses everywhere are shutting there doors and “closing shop” for good. (unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few years, I’m sure you’re aware…)

At the same time, business is booming online! Major research firms have calculated an estimated $73 BILLION Dollars of growth over the next few years.

A Modern Day “Gold Rush”…

The Home Business Industry is where it’s at…

Let’s not forget, there are more than 79 MILLION baby boomers coming into retirement, and many are turning to the internet as a way to supplement their retirement income.

Starting a traditional “Brick-and-Mortar” business is far too risky in this economy, and requires a ton of capital to get started…

Out With The Old… (Brick And Mortar Business Model)

  • Invested $50,000-$2,500,000
  • Three to Five Years Until Profit
  • 20% Profit or less
  • 14 Hour Work Days As Owner
  • $40k Year Salary as Owner
  • Nightmare Employees
  • Inventory Headaches
  • Expensive Rent
  • Major Liabilities & Insurance Costs
  • Less Freedom

…And In With The New (Way Better!) (Internet Business Model)

  • Invested $0-$10,000
  • Profit In As Little As 30 Days
  • 75% Profit or More
  • 3 Hour Work Days As Owner
  • $250k+ Year Income Potential
  • No Employees
  • No Inventory
  • No Rent
  • No Insurance
  • More Freedom

The Obvious Winner…

Clearly, with the new internet business model,
it’s easier to build wealth now than it has EVER been.

Minimal start-up costs and UNLIMITED income potential make
starting your own internet business a complete NO-BRAINER…

Click here to create your free account today and start building wealth online!

  • Timothy Jones

    Hey Kevin, thanks for providing such amazing value! I will definitely put these ideas to use in my business, can't wait for your next video...

  • http://none Scott Jones

    I love the brick & mortar article. I've worked in the public accounting firm since I was 16. Now at 59 there is nothing left. I never had 401-k's, health insurance, dental, and other benefits. The tax business is down and the small business accounts today are being taken over from people that have no business experience. The first thing I hear from them is how much they are willing to pay me for accounting services. they don't need balance sheets or profit & loss statements because they work out of a shoe box. If the price is to high they're off to another accountant. My business is now being controled by my clients rather than me and after a 5 year college degree something has got to change. There are so many people out there with the same story and I think we can change there lives and drive them to a new goal.

    Thanks, blues brothers for the great articles that really give an inspiration to everyone,


  • Kevin Blue

    @Scott: You're welcome my friend, excited to have you aboard! In my humble opinion, leveraging the internet to build wealth is really the ONLY way to go these days. No other business model offers unlimited income potential with very minimal start-up costs. Talk soon...

    @Timothy: More to come, keep your eyes glued to your email inbox...

  • Elizabeth Schooler

    thank you for helping me am praying that every thing will worked well and we can have a good business relationship

  • Marc Stephan Nkouly

    am in cameroon an one of my goal have always be to sell paintings online but i do't know where to start.

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