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How To Increase Website Traffic For Free

If you’ve looked at your website rankings on, Google Analytics, or any other website traffic estimator- and you’re TIRED of seeing LITTLE to NO RESULTS, here is your remedy.

How To Increase Website Traffic For Free – Step 1: Own More Of The Internet.

How To Increase Website Traffic For Free

How To Increase Website Traffic For Free

Several years ago I bought a course from one of the most famous internet marketers online, by the name of John Reese. The course was called Traffic Secrets 2.0 –overall I think the course was slightly over-rated but he said one thing that really resonated with me that paid for my investment a hundred times over:

“If you want more traffic, OWN MORE OF THE INTERNET!”

Ask yourself right now, how much of the internet do you own? There are millions of articles, videos, and blog posts being created every single day. Do you have 6 articles online or 6,000? The big players in this industry didn’t just get lucky, sprinkle some content out there and magically create a six figure income.

If you take two random individuals- one with 6 articles, and the other with 60 articles, I can almost guarantee you the one with 60 articles is making more money. Pretty common sense but easily over-looked.

Just with Internet Income University and our SMALL (relatively speaking) network of websites we have more than 1,000 pages, posts, articles, and videos online. How many do you have?

How To Increase Website Traffic For Free – Step 2: Golden Nugget Keywords

Free Website Traffic Keyword Research Tool

Free Website Traffic Keyword Research Tool

If you ever think I’m going to stop hammering home the idea of keyword research, get over it! ; -)

Owning more of the internet is not enough on its own. You want to own more of the internet and have your articles, videos, and blog posts be on KEYWORDS PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY SEARCHING FOR.

It doesn’t do you any good if you have 1,000 articles online if they are all titled the same thing or they are on topics so competitive a Fortune 500 company wouldn’t stand a chance.

I’m not going to go into a ton of detail but you can check out this free webinar on keyword research if you want a complete understanding of how to target high-traffic, low-competition markets with devastating accuracy.

Get this tool if you want to save endless hours of tedious work -->

How To Increase Website Traffic For Free – Final Thoughts

In reality, getting a lot of free traffic to your website is not difficult. The challenge is staying in the game long enough to see significant results.

All free traffic generation strategies worth a grain of salt take time to realize your return on investment, so don’t expect things to happen overnight- that is what PAID marketing strategies are good for.

My favorite strategy is article marketing, and you can create a free account at this is the best site without question.

How to increase website traffic for free, your two step game plan:

1) Own more of the internet.

a. Master Keyword Research (Keyword Evolution)
b. Create Articles, Blog Posts, Videos- Consistently.

Master these steps and you can write your own check!

  • Ronald Bish

    Hello Kevin,Thanks for the email. This is good info. I am also working on some changes. Hope to see more of your work on fb,thanks and TOP OF THE DAY TO YOU AND YOURS.

  • Martin

    I find that the best analogy for websites is to see them as cities - the more roads that lead to a city, the richer it becomes. The capitals are simply cities with the most trade (or traffic) going through them.

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