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How Many Times Should You

How Many Times Should You "TRY"?!

Perception is reality... correction... YOUR PERCEPTION IS YOUR REALITY.

Perception can make you or break you... correction...

Do you see the glass as half-empty or half-full???

If you're the type of person that views the glass as half-empty,
then chances are your WALLET is ALSO half-empty.

You can't deposit excuses into your bank account

If you've completed your Personal Challenge, or you've been through our "From Start To Money" video training series you know our stance on the word "TRY". We personally believe it is the ABSOLUTE WORST WORD IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

The word "TRY" shatters dreams, erases goals, and ruins lives.

Why? Because most people TRY ONCE. Then they quit.

How Many Times Should You TRY?!

How Many Times Should You TRY?! (click for full-size image)

Potential is potential. Nothing more.

Your skills are useless if your mind isn't in alignment for success.

If your desire is to create a successful internet business, the formula is simple. Learn the skills. Master the skills. And take massive action.

Successful people don't "TRY", they make things happen. This image by Anna Vital was shared with me by a close friend who's built more than 3 businesses from scratch to $1,000,000+ in annual revenue.

Whether your goal is $500/month, or $100,000 per month, your approach must be the same.


You deserve to be massively successful,
and we're here to support your growth.

Get started by claiming your free website and completing your Personal Challenge today.

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The ONE Thing You Should Never Forget...

The ONE Thing You Should Never Forget...

To build ANY successful business requires immense SACRIFICE, DEDICATION, and COMMITMENT to the process of achieving something GREAT.

As entrepreneurs, it's OUR responsibility to do things that others are NOT willing to do- we must take calculated risks and invest our time & energy into SOLUTIONS that will HELP people achieve their goals.

When you enjoy what you do, it's NOT REALLY WORK, but it's still important to take some time off, disconnect, and get a renewed sense of purpose.

Watch this quick, 90 second video with IIU Co-Founders Kevin & Darin Blue
for an important but simple message:

The reward of success is BOTH in the journey and in the destination-
never lose sight of the things that are most important to you.

Take some time to disconnect from everything at least once a week and
spend time with friends, family, and doing the things you love the most.

Enjoy life, you deserve it!

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Jeffery Combs Coaching - Breakthroughs To Success (Golden Mastermind Seminars)

Jeffery Combs Coaching - Breakthroughs To Success (Golden Mastermind Seminars)

Jeffery-Combs-CoachingHey guys,

Just got back from an awesome event down in San Diego hosted by Ryan Dunn and Steve Schuitt.

As always, can't emphasize how valuable live events are- and this one, being at a smaller venue was exceptionnally impactful with only 30-40 people in attendance and a star-studded lineup including Jonathan Budd, David Schwind, Jim Yaghi, and the man who assisted us in changing our lives, Jeffery Combs.

Lots of golden nuggets I will be sharing on future trainings/webinars, but for now I actually want to share an old clip I shot at one of the first Jeffery Comb's coaching events we ever attended.

The name of this particular Golden Mastermind Seminars event is...

Breakthroughs To Success

The idea behind Jeffery's breakthroughs to success events is to transform your mind for prosperity, release your self-limiting beliefs, and let go of past events that may be holding you back from achieving more in your business and in life...

...and I can tell you first hand, that's exactly what you'll receive if you attend any of Jeffery's events- the man is a natural in assisting others to reach the next level.

At the core of the event is a very symbolic exercise in which two people come together and bend a STEEL BAR - throat to throat.

Terrified at first, many people don't know what to expect- and are scared to death- but quickly come to realize that you can conquer any goal in life you put your mind to. It's a mind over matter exercise, and nothing can illustrate the power of this exercise more than this quick video:

Incredible right?

How many times in your life have you seen two women with a combined weight of less than you average Joe Couch Potato bend a steel bar using one of the weakest parts of their body- their throats?

In case you're wondering- yes, it is real steel, the same stuff they use to build skyscrapers with.

Even better, the two men that bend the 5 foot steel bar, which is exponentially more difficult, share some of the most simple yet, profound words you will EVER hear.

Write these two quotes down,

"You just have to decide- you have to decide to do it." -Jeff

"If you doubt it, it won't be done- it's just that simple" -Scott

These two statements couldn't be more true about your business.

If you say to yourself things like ---- I'm just going to give it a shot, I'm going to try, we'll see how it goes---- you might as well QUIT now, because the only way to become successful is to COMMIT TO BECOMING SUCCESSFUL, 110%.

Nobody has ever achieved greatness with a half-ass effort.

COMMIT to building a successful online enterprise- once you've made that decision, everything else becomes irrelevant and the ONLY OPTION IS SUCCESS, it's that simple!

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