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Internet Network Marketing Success, Have You Been Lied To?

Internet Network Marketing Success, Have You Been Lied To?

Ok, here we go- this might piss a few people off but I have a lot to get off my chest and you deserve to know the truth.

If you’re in any kind of internet network marketing home business opportunity I can almost guarantee you’ve been fed a load of B.S. by your sponsor.

Internet Network Marketing Recruiting Success- The TRUTH!

There are a few things that you ABSOLUTELY must know about creating success in ANY network marketing opportunity.

Having invested tens of thousands of dollars into aggressively studying internet marketing, network marketing, and everything in between- this is the reality I have witnessed.


There are very few people who really “GET THIS”, and as a result have the power to create income at will, while everyone else marches to their own demise across SCORCHED EARTH littered with “The Grass Is Always Greener” network marketing opportunities.

I have identified and labeled the success principles I have observed as “The 3 Core Truths Of Network Marketing”

Internet Network Marketing Recruiting Success- Core Truth #1: Your Network Marketing Opportunity Is NOT A REAL BUSINESS.

Your network marketing opportunity in itself is not a business- it is simply a product.

A “REAL BUSINESS” has many components, a network marketing opportunity is only one of those components- but of course, that is NOT how opportunities are pitched, promoted and sold.

These are the components of a real business, and your chances at success without these elements are slim to none (and yes, there will always be a handful of exceptional marketers that defy the odds) :

A complete, and DEEP SALES FUNNEL consisting of:

* An in-expensive, front end offer, retailing for $49.95 or less.
(Must be something you can sell to ANYONE in the industry)

* A series of “one-time offers” presented during the checkout process.
(The number one element most people are lacking- CRITICAL for creating immediate cash flow)

* An automated follow-up process which qualifies your leads and promotes your network marketing opportunity with a UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION (UVP- more on this in a minute).


Once you have a complete funnel in place- then, and only then- will you be in a rock-solid position to begin advertising with the foundation required to generate massive amounts of leads, and sponsor at will.

Paid advertising with a SHALLOW FUNNEL or NO FUNNEL (only promoting your network marketing opportunity) is MARKETING SUICIDE.

You don’t stand a chance competing with “Heavy Hitters” or others who have a complete, highly converting funnel.

It all boils down to the most important metric in business, your “Average Value Per Lead”.

For example: If I have a DEEP sales funnel and I generate $10 in revenue per lead, while you generate $5 in revenue per lead, my business is twice as profitable- obviously.

What’s not so obvious is the sheer fact that I will put you out of business if you try to compete with me for the same advertising space.

Facebook PPC is a strategy getting a lot of buzz right now, and yes, anyone can jump on and start generating a ton of leads overnight. Generating leads is not the real issue, monetization of those leads is. The average cost per lead for most people will be around $5-7 using Facebook PPC, especially starting out. The question you have to ask yourself is, am I generating MORE THAN $5-7 IN REVENUE for every single lead I generate?

If the answer is YES, then Facebook PPC is a viable strategy for you.
If the answer is NO, then welcome to Bankruptcy- you’re going to spend yourself out of business.

My prediction is 95% of people that rush into Facebook PPC will end up spending themselves out of business, because their metrics just don’t add up and their funnels aren’t deep enough.

If you want to avoid becoming part of that statistical majority, work on building a deeper funnel or plug into an income generation system like the one we offer at Internet Income University that allows you to leverage our expertise and increase your Average Value Per Lead from Day 01.

Internet Network Marketing Recruiting Success- Core Truth #2: You Must Develop A Unique Value Proposition (UVP- Hint: this is NOT a USP)


The core truths I am revealing to you work in harmony- creating a complete and unstoppable system for recruiting on demand.

Your UVP, or Unique Value Proposition answers one simple question.

Why should someone join you? If your answer is, “Because this is a great opportunity” – take your helmet off, and go back to sitting on the bench- because you’re going to strike out 10 times out of 10.

Most people miss the mark on this one completely-and the questions you need to ask yourself are the following:

Why should someone join my network marketing business?
Would I join myself?
What VALUE can they expect to receive in addition to the business itself?

In a little over a year, we have sponsored more than 60+ people into a network marketing opportunity with a price point of more than $3k for the business itself.

The secret is not a “magic line” or “master closing skills” and I definitely don’t wake up every morning and sit “Indian style with a bag of chicken bones”.

Our recruiting success in internet network marketing can be DIRECTLY attributed to the VALUE we create above and beyond what anyone else is offering.

We don’t offer a network marketing opportunity, we offer people a real business plan, with all of the ingredients necessary to create a life-changing income.

When you market your MLM or network marketing opportunity, think of it as one small piece of pie.

REMEMBER, your network marketing opportunity is not a real business in itself, it is INCOMPLETE.

Bundle it with other products and services- create a business plan that will make your opportunity a complete business and have a clear game plan for how the person that joins you is going to make money online.

Some of the components of past UVPs we’ve created have been:

One-On-One Coaching (with a specifically outlined curriculum)
Website Design
Outsourced Lead Generation
Capture Page Design & Installation
Live Event Tickets


Think about it like this- if your goal is to sponsor someone into a business at a $3k price point, offer them $6k in value- your UVP should DOUBLE THE VALUE OF THE OPPORTUNITY ITSELF.

In the beginning especially, you should be offering so much value that the person considering joining your organization would feel downright stupid if they were to join anyone else.

Delivering indisputable value is the secret sauce, it’s not about waking up earlier and spending 30 minutes Indian style meditating over a bag of chicken bones.

Internet Network Marketing Recruiting Success- Core Truth #3: The Highest Paid Network Marketers Are Teachers.

One of the most valuable quotes I have ever head in the internet marketing world goes something like this, “Pay attention to what the GURU does, NOT what the GURU says.”

Look at every single person in network marketing that is making a lot of money online- you will find that they all have ONE THING IN COMMON. They are all teachers and leaders FIRST, recruiting comes second.

The ironic thing is, most of the products and services they sell teach you how to RECRUIT FIRST.

This does not discount the quality of education or information, just increase your awareness and look at how people like Daegan Smith, Jonathan Budd, Mike Dillard, David Wood- and other top income earners approach their business- because they are phenomenal teachers.


80% OR MORE of their business is Information Marketing, selling educational products and services, NOT A NETWORK MARKETING OPPORTUNITY.

If your goal is to reach the same level, don’t you think it would be wise to duplicate that business model and get into the information product business- recruiting on the back end instead of throwing up on people about how great your “ground floor, deb-free” MLM opportunity is before a relationship is built?

I think so.

As a matter of fact, I know so.

Why do you think we created Internet Income University and the F.A.S.T Income Plan?

Leverage our success and information product business while you’re learning and creating your own.

The essence of attraction marketing can be distilled down into 4 words.

Teach first, recruit second.

This is your blueprint to unlimited network marketing success my friend!

Re-read this article ten times over, the information I’ve just shared with you is extremely POWERFUL, and can make the difference between utter failure and unlimited internet network marketing recruiting success!

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