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How To Add A Picture To Your Blog Comments (Gravatar)

How To Add A Picture To Your Blog Comments (Gravatar)

If you've ever wondered how to get your pearly white teeth and smiling face to show up next to your blog comments, here's exactly how you do it...

How To Add A Picture To Your Blog Comments (Gravatar)

I remember when I was first getting started in the internet marketing world I had no clue how some people magically got their face to show up on every blog in the world.

At first I thought they must have had some sort of "preferred status" or user account for the particular sight they were commenting on.

Well, guess what? I was wrong.

Anyone can have their picture show up next to their comments on ANY blog if you just setup what is called a "Gravatar".

All you have to do is visit, setup a free account (it takes about 2 minutes, literally) and you're good to go.

Before you know it, you're ready to plaster your pretty face all over the blogosphere.

Benefits Of Having Your Picture Show Up Next To Your Blog Comments

There are a couple of benefits to having your picture show up next to your blog comments, especially if you are a very active contributor in a particular niche.


1) Brand / Name Recognition: If every time someone searches for "How to Make Money Online" they see your face, they will automatically begin to develop an attraction to you.

2) People are more likely to click on your name & website link if they can see who is leaving the comment. (this is only effective if you are contributing value to the article)

Most importantly, I'd love to see your
beautiful face on the IIU website!

As cool as the soaring eagle is, we'd love to connect with you on a more personal level, so make sure you setup your own gravatar today!

Leave a comment below as soon as you set your gravatar up, would love to see everyone!

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Multiple Streams Of Internet Income The Easy Way

Multiple Streams Of Internet Income The Easy Way

Ever wondered how to generate multiple streams of internet income? I’ll give you a clue—it has nothing to do with joining multiple home business opportunities…In fact, that’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make…

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the thousands of opportunities you will get bombarded with when you first start looking for a way to make money online.

Every “Guru” and their mother wants to promise you the next big thing or let you in on some “Ground Floor”, “Debt-Free”, amaaaazing opportunity.

One of the challenges in becoming an internet marketer and home business owner is figuring out who you can trust and on the flipside – who is full of garbage.

The truth is, it’s a lot easier to generate multiple streams of internet income than you think…

It comes down to a really simple marketing principle called “list-building”.

List-building is nothing more than putting together a list of people in your industry that you can maintain constant contact with to build relationships.

The best part about marketing online is, with the power of the internet, this entire process can be completely automated!

Using a basic tool called an e-mail auto responder, you can easily create a form to insert into your webpage where your customers can enter their name and email to get on your newsletter.

Once they join your “list”, your auto responder will send them emails automatically on a pre-programmed schedule to build a relationship with your prospect on autopilot.

Over time, your goal is to build a relationship with the people on your newsletter by providing them valuable information and keeping them entertained about your industry.

As a natural part of building relationships with your newsletter subscribers, you will want to recommend great tools, products and services that you believe will help them achieve their goals. In doing so, you can easily generate multiple streams of internet income!

This is where it gets exciting! Every time you recommend a product or service you will get paid when one of your subscribers decides to purchase through your special link. (this is called affiliate marketing)

This is the exact strategy I’ve used to generate as many as 12 checks in the mail in a single week, all on autopilot!

Some checks you receive will be small, $4 per month residuals while others can be large $1,000 commissions.

The point to remember is that you should only be recommending products and services that you believe your subscribers will truly benefit from.

That’s it my friend…

A fool-proof blueprint you can use to generate multiple streams of internet income!

P.S. Here's the ONLY list-building tool we recommend --> Click here!

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Earning An Income On The Internet – What’s The Secret Ingredient?

Earning An Income On The Internet – What’s The Secret Ingredient?

Earning an income on the internet is easy – at least when you know the secret ingredient…

As an expert internet marketer, there is one question that never seems to leave the back of my mind…and that is, “What separates the wildly successful internet marketers that make an absolute killing online from all of the people that never make a dime?”

And after coaching nearly 100 entrepreneurs from all over the globe, I’ve finally figured it out and carved it down into 2 simple traits:

Killer Instinct

In order to succeed in any entrepreneurial endeavor you MUST have a killer instinct. Successful entrepreneurs will do “whatever it takes” to achieve their goals once they set their mind to it.

People that fail often set unrealistic expectations so that they have an excuse to give up when things get tough.

As Napoleon hill talks about in his classic “Think And Grow Rich”, the only way to know that you are truly going to succeed is to “Burn Your Ship” ---the analogy of course referring to soldiers landing on a foreign shore. With no possible way home, they are forced to either win the war or die.

When you burn your ship, it becomes “Fight or Die!”

To succeed in earning an income on the internet you must have that same passion and level of commitment.

Massive Action

There is one other secret ingredient that all wildly successful internet marketers possess and it comes down to taking massive action.

If you’re going to undertake any venture, why not plan to dominate your competition.

Move quickly and don’t worry about the details, there is no time to sweat the small stuff.

Focus on the bigger picture, and the most important activities in your business and let everything else go.

If you’re going to do video marketing, produce 5-6 videos per day instead of producing a single video and editing it to perfection.

All ultra-wealthy internet marketers are content producing machines. They don’t sit around and try to perfect every piece of content they produce. Instead, they create 10 more pieces of content in the time that most people spend polishing one.

That’s what you call MASSIVE ACTION.

When you approach your business with a killer instinct and take massive action, earning an income on the internet is easy!

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